5 Functional Open Shelving Ideas for Your Bedroom

Closets, drawers, and chests conceal your possessions, but you sometimes need a space to display them. Fortunately, open shelving offers practical yet gorgeous storage for any room. Learn how to integrate these fixtures by looking at these functional open shelving ideas for your bedroom today!


A freestanding nightstand is practical and light and has a modern flair. Keep things within arm’s reach with open shelving and store must-have items in it. For example, you can place clocks, medication bottles, hand cream, or phones on the shelves. The space-saving solution frees up floor space, and you can anchor the fixture at your preferred level. If you need extra storage room, anchor two floating shelves near your bed.

Window Sill

Window sill shelving is a functional open shelving idea for your bedroom. Some rooms have thin window ledges, but you can increase storage space with floating shelves. The fixtures can accommodate small plants, succulents, décor, and other items. The practical addition is a simple solution for houseplants and your favorite possessions.

Over the Bed

Open shelving over the bed is an efficient and modern way to utilize bedroom space. You can hold all your favorite possessions, including picture frames, candles, and figurines. You can store bedding essentials like extra pillowcases, linen spray, or lint rollers. Remember to place the fixtures above your head when installing over-the-bed shelves. This way, you won’t bump your head while rising from the bed.

Wall Bookshelf

Bookshelves are excellent additions to bedrooms, especially for literature lovers. However, traditional book stands are bulky and take up too much space. Consider open shelving as a modern twist on conventional bookshelves. Arrange three to four solid walnut floating shelves on top of each other, and store books (or knickknacks) on the fixtures. You can place the bookshelf in corners or any free space inside the room. The idea is to utilize vertical space and keep your floors clear.

Accessory Station

Consider an accessory station when you need space for jewelry, fragrance bottles, cufflinks, or other essentials. A wall-mounted shelf can hold all necessary items and help you declutter different parts of your room. In particular, open shelves let you keep drawer tops and traditional nightstands clutter free!

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