5 Ways To Add Natural Wood Accents to Your Home

Whether you want an elegant aesthetic or a rustic farmhouse feel, natural wood is the perfect addition to your home. The stylish detail works for furniture, fixtures, and other household upgrades. Look at the ways to add natural wood accents to your home for more ideas.

Install Wood Shelves

Wood shelves are excellent storage options for any home. Not only are they attractive, but they also add texture to rooms. People install in-wall units, but floating shelves are the popular (and modern) option. They maximize space, don’t take up floor room, and add an airy aspect to homes.

You can choose natural wood that fits your color scheme or overall aesthetic. For instance, walnut floating shelves offer an elegant feel to rooms. This is perfect for cozy, inviting spaces!

Get Wood Block Countertops

Wood accents look exceptional inside kitchens, and you can showcase natural wood beauty with butcher block countertops. The eye-catching accent enhances the room with a farmhouse feel. Besides kitchen upgrades, the countertops look great in laundry rooms and home offices.

Incorporate Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is attractive and practical. It adds natural color to spaces and can complete a room. Wood has a deep, rich hue that makes homes feel inviting, and the right piece of furniture can enhance the ambiance. The rustic touch transforms your space without expensive or long renovations. From live edge tables to rocking chairs, the furniture possibilities are endless.

Upgrade Your Staircase

For many properties, the staircase is the focal point of the space. Therefore, you may want to upgrade your staircase when adding a natural wood accent to your home. Remove the carpet to expose wood or refinish the treads and risers. You can choose deep woods like mahogany and cherry for classy aesthetics or light woods like oak and maple for modern appeal.

Change Your Fixtures

You can incorporate wood with simple fixture changes. Update closet doors with wooden slated doors, add a wood backsplash to the kitchen, or install a ceiling fan with wooden blades. The small changes make a significant impact on your home and can create a new aesthetic. Wood’s durability and beauty will capture your attention in no time!

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