Creating a Stunning Display with Walnut Floating Shelves: Inspiration and Tips

long walnut floating shelves modern kitchen LEDs You may find it surprising to learn that interior design choices can decrease stress and improve mental health. The way we arrange our homes plays a large role in how happy we are to live there. Interior design doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, though. Walnut floating shelves are an amazing addition to any room. Getting started is also easier than most people anticipate. Let’s explore how to use aesthetic walnut shelf displays in your home.

Embrace Minimalism

You don’t have to go overboard when installing decorative shelves. Sometimes, minimalism is the best answer. A typical example is making walnut floating shelves the only piece of hardware on the wall. This means no other paintings, fixtures, etc., should be present. Keep this mentality when decorating the shelves. Minimalism works best when you use only a few colors and small objects.

Color Splashing

This process involves using color to break up the monotony of a room full of neutrals. To clarify, you might have a room that’s mostly white, gray, and brown. Adding colorful objects to your walnut shelves will serve as a powerful focal point. It’s worth brushing up on color theory to avoid using colors that clash. This will help create a cohesive, pleasant appearance.

Vintage Looks

Walnut shelves are perfect for creating a faded, vintage aesthetic. They go great with whites, faded wood, and muted grays. With enough thought for your room’s design, stepping into it could make you feel like you’re transported 50 years in the past. Explore this option if you have an itch to make a room in your home stand out from the rest.

Bedside/End Tables

Many bedrooms don’t have the space for bedside or end tables. This can make it difficult to find a place for certain objects, such as the skincare products you use before you go to sleep. You’ll also need somewhere to put your phone at night. You can eliminate this issue by using floating shelves. These can be functional or purely aesthetic, depending on your needs.

Use LED Lights

Floating walnut shelves can be great ways to conceal LED light strips. Under normal circumstances, your shelves will look just like any others. When you dim the lights, though, you can seamlessly add extra atmosphere. If you choose this option, use LED lights that have plenty of color choices. The colors you use will heavily impact the overall mood. You might want a blue or indigo when watching a movie, for instance.

Don’t Waste Space

It’s never recommended to leave your floating shelves empty. While there’s something to be said artistically about empty shelves, this isn’t the best option in most cases. More often than not, the shelf will look like it’s supposed to hold something that’s no longer there. There’s plenty of opportunity to be unique when decorating the shelves. You don’t have to limit yourself to small plants or family photos. Many people choose to place sentimental items in these locations, such as a bottle of expensive whiskey that was given as a gift. As long as the object fits the room, feel free to put whatever you want.

Use Them Near Windows

Using floating shelves near windows can help break up abundant natural light. To clarify, large windows can let in an overwhelming amount of light during the day. This is common in kitchens, which are often some of the most open areas of a home. Floating shelves add substantial functionality to kitchens. It can be difficult to find free space to store utensils or dishes. These shelves are ideal locations to place plants. Consider including objects that capture sunlight when you place shelves near windows. Glass and crystal objects can add plenty of character and create a dazzling effect when the sun hits them just right.

Media Centers

The average household has plenty of media items near their TVs. These often include remote controllers, video games, tablets, and streaming devices. If left disorganized, these can quickly create a messy appearance. Although you can put these items away, they’re more accessible when they’re visible. Floating shelves are great opportunities to clean up clutter and keep these items easy to find. They also serve as great ways to take up extra space on a wall next to a mounted TV. Many homeowners who mount TVs often don’t know what to do with all the empty space on either side of the television. This can make the room look unfinished or empty. Consider installing floating shelves if you have this issue in your house.

Getting Started

Before you begin your project, take time to envision your goals. Come up with a handful of ideas and narrow down the best option. Do you want the shelves to be a centerpiece in the room? Do they have a legitimate use as storage space? Answering questions like these will ensure you don’t waste time and money. Don’t skimp on materials when preparing for your project. Using low-quality wood can detract from the room’s appearance. Instead, find a reputable provider who offers top-tier products. When searching for a resource, consider their past reputation. See what other clients say about the wood’s longevity and aesthetic appeal. You should also research their customer service policy. The last thing you want is to deal with issues on your own. For example, it would be frustrating to encounter a shipping issue and be unable to reach a representative. Check their pricing, as well. You get what you pay for when it comes to quality, but some providers charge more than they should. Assess a handful of options so you can compare prices. This will help you make the best decision.

Don’t Neglect Walnut Floating Shelves

When used appropriately, walnut floating shelves add aesthetic appeal to your home and make rooms more inviting. They also help you minimize clutter by serving as extra storage space. You can only achieve the best results if you use high-quality materials. At Solidwood Interiors, we pride ourselves on being one of America’s finest solid wood companies. We’re also proud to employ 10 amazing artisans who all share an enthusiasm for woodworking. Reach out to us today and see how we can help you bring your project to life.

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