The Do’s and Don’ts of Wall Shelving: Key Things To Know

Wall shelving can enhance your home as you display pictures, ceramics, collectibles, and other things on it. Get the most out of it by reviewing the dos and don’ts of wall shelving. We address all the key things to know!

Do Use Them in Various Spaces

Wall shelves increase storage space in various places like living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, walk-in closets, and pantries. The shelves reduce the amount of floor space you need for traditional storage like bookshelves or cabinets. However, it’s still important to be mindful of spacing. You don’t want wall shelves in too tight areas because you risk bumping into them.

Don’t Start Full

Whether installing new shelves or reorganizing current ones, start your project on a clean slate. Don’t assume you’ll put the same items on your shelves, especially if you’re upgrading the home’s interior design. Starting fresh allows you to implement a new, well-organized shelf with a refined aesthetic.

Do Secure Shelves With Heavy Loads

Depending on placement, some shelves will have more things on them than others. For example, kitchen shelves can hold ceramics and bathroom shelves hold toiletries. Identify which shelves will store heavier loads and make sure they can handle it. Use durable material like solid wood shelves to store heavy loads or reinforce shelves with brackets to help them hold up excess weight.

Don’t Place Them Too High

Shelves are functional, even if they also act as decorations in your home. You need access to them, so don’t place them too high. Good shelving is easy to reach (even if you use a stepladder). Generally, you don’t want anything too high because it’s a safety risk and inconvenience.

Do Keep Safety in Mind

Keeping safety in mind is important with any hardware, including wall shelves. Properly mount shelves in the wall, don’t overload them, and don’t store anything too fall prone on wall shelves. You don’t want anything to fall and break or hit you in the head. Additionally, be mindful of fragile items. Don’t place them too high or near the edges.

Don’t Forget To Clean Them

Dust is a problem that every homeowner encounters, especially with hardware. Don’t forget to dust your wall shelves while cleaning your home. Doing so prevents dust buildup, which adds grime to your possessions. Frequent dusting maintains a clean shelf and beautiful décor.

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of wall shelving, you can add shelves to your home. If you’re interested in handmade shelves, look no further than Solidwood Interiors. Browse our product categories now.

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