Tips for Using Floating Shelves To Upgrade Your Closet Game

Everyone wants a closet that fits their needs, but it’s challenging with standard fixtures. Integrate floating shelves inside your closets to enhance storage. Look at our tips for using floating shelves to upgrade your closet game.

The Wardrobe

Floating shelves inside your wardrobe are versatile because they can store clothes and accessories. Use one shelf to hold handbags and another to stack sweaters. You’ll free up space in other compartments inside the closet. When integrating new features, use visually appealing pieces. For instance, use white oak wood shelves to elevate your closet with trendy elements.

Shoe Shelves

Floating shelves are perfect for organizing your shoes while upgrading the appearance of your closet. They add a sophisticated look and give you more freedom to display footwear. Traditional shoe shelves limit the footwear you can store. For example, some boots and high heels don’t fit in standard shoe racks. Fortunately, you can adjust the height of floating shelves to accommodate your footwear.

Couples can avoid overcrowding closets with floating shelves because they will have enough space to fit their shoes on either side of the closet.

Bathroom Linen Closet

It’s easier for families to share bathrooms when you improve linen closet organization. A linen closet inside the primary bathroom can hold everyday items like toiletries and bath towels. However, traditional shelves don’t look modern, which might clash with your style. Floating shelves create balance and visual interest inside bathrooms.

A well-organized linen closet is a terrific storage space for the whole family! The kids can place items directly on shelves or use totes and baskets to organize personal items.

Hall Closets

Hall closets typically store household items and additional linens like blankets and pillows for guests. It’s easy to clutter hall closets when they lack storage options. Luckily, you can adjust the height of floating shelves to accommodate oversized items, extra linens, and random things. It’s all about changing your closet to fit your needs and reducing clutter in your home. Shelves in any space increase storage, but stylish storage elevates rooms.


Pantries are closets, too! Upgrade your pantry with floating shelves, and enhance storage with this stylish organization tool. Install shelves on empty walls, and organize your goods on them. Use labeled baskets to arrange snacks, coffee pods, spices, and other pantry staples on the shelves. These visually pleasing shelves make your pantry attractive and functional!

When it’s time to use floating shelves to upgrade your closet game, get in touch with the experts at Solidwood Interiors. We offer beautiful floating shelves made from real wood. Shop our exceptional products today!

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