1a) Before installing, please remove all shelves and hardware from the box. We include 1 Stud Screw per bracket rod, and 1 Snap Toggle w/ Machine Screw per bracket. Inspect to make sure all parts are present and undamaged. If there is any issue, please contact us and we will address it right away!

1b) The included hardware is meant to be used for a stud mount / hollow wall installation. If mounting onto a different material, such as tile, concrete, or masonry, please use the proper fastening hardware for that medium. Please reach out to us with any questions or assistance needed with this and we will be happy to help!

2) Grab your tools: Pencil, Level, Stud Finder, Power Drill, T25 Bit, #2 Phillips Bit, & ½” Drill Bit (if utilizing the snap toggles).

3) Set the shelves horizontally on a flat surface to remove the metal brackets from the back of the shelves. The bracket rods have a 1 degree up-tilt to counterbalance the weight they will be holding, and are meant to be installed with the long oblong holes on top.

4) Using the Level, Pencil a line where you will be mounting your shelf bracket. Then, using a Stud Finder, Pencil the stud locations along your line.

5a) The brackets are designed to be exclusively stud mount, but if they are not long enough to hit 2 studs along the bracket’s placement, or one of the bracket ends is hanging a little short of the next stud, we include a Snap Toggle to secure that bracket end. If this is the case in your installation and you would like to add the Snap Toggle, hold the bracket up to your mounting line, make sure the oblong holes are in the correct place with your studs, and Pencil a mark through the far hole where you will add the Snap Toggle.

5b) If you are using the Snap Toggle, you will need a ½” Drill Bit to make a hole for the toggle to sit in.

6) Lift the metal bracket back up to the wall and drive the Stud Screws through the bracket holes into your marked stud locations wIth your Power Drill and T25 bit. If you installed the Snap Toggle, use a #2 Phillips Bit to drive the Machine Screw into the toggle.

7) After the bracket is securely mounted to the wall, hold up the floating shelf, hook the back holes over the bracket rods, and slide them onto the rods until they are flush with the wall. By design, the shelves should have a snug fit over the brackets. If you are installing in a tight location, the oblong holes in the brackets allow for small horizontal adjustments. Simply loosen the screws, slide the bracket to adjust, then tighten the screws back down. The shelves are now ready to hold and decorate as you please!


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