5 Tips for Safely Installing Your Floating Shelves

No one wants sagging floating shelves to damage their walls. Unfortunately, incorrect installation can lead to bad results. These five tips for safely installing your floating shelves can help you combat issues!

Determine Shelf Placement

If you want to install multiple shelves, mark the spots you want to place them on the wall. While choosing the locations, be mindful of vertical space between the fixtures. For example, if you want a lower shelf for a tall vase, position the upper shelf high to avoid visual clutter.

Be Careful Where You Drill

Accidentally drilling into electrical wires, pipes, ducting, and other things within the walls can damage your home. When mounting shelves, be careful where you drill. The last thing want is an electrical wire short circuit or burst pipe. Locate the wall stud, and stay away from everything else.

Locate Wall Studs

As mentioned, you should steer clear of wires and pipes. Locating wall studs is another tip for safely installing your floating shelves. You can use a stud finder to locate wall studs and mark the areas with a pencil. If you don’t mount your shelves into studs, your walls will sag, and the fixture will likely fall. Save yourself time and a headache with proper placement the first time!

Use the Right Hardware

Brackets and fasteners are the most important elements for the fixtures because they mount into studs and secure the shelves. If your floating shelves don’t come with installation hardware, avoid cutting corners with cheap alternatives. High-quality hardware is sturdy and effectively holds floating shelves.

Consider shelf placement and weight capacity when choosing hardware. You can store light items with brackets that hold 25 pounds and use heavier brackets for shelves that can support up to 100 pounds. Ultimately, you want hardware that secures shelves and your items.

Always Tighten Screws

Last but not least, always make sure your screws are tight. Your shelf won’t stay in place with loose screws; it will likely fall when you apply pressure. On the other hand, avoid over-tightening screws because you may strip the material or snap the screw head. Ideally, you want a firm hold.

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