6 Ideas To Transform Your Space With Floating Shelves

Add more storage, personality, and functionality to rooms with floating shelves. Don’t know where to start? That’s OK. Check out these six ideas to transform your space with floating shelves.

In the Kitchen

A quick way to modernize your kitchen is with open shelves. The fixtures let you display dishware and jars and offer easy access to items.

You can also use the fixtures to create a coffee nook. Bring the classic café style to your kitchen with an elegant station that stores coffee beans, cups, and other related things. However, you can turn the space into a tea nook or brunch bar too!

In the Bathroom

Put custom floating shelves in your bathroom to increase storage space. This idea is perfect for small bathrooms because the fixtures can manage an overflow of toiletries. You’ll have room for everything from cotton balls to mouthwash! Furthermore, floating shelves can store bath towels or cleaning supplies. You’ll improve the bathroom with a functional fixture regardless of your preference.

Over the Bed

A floating shelf above the bed can hold picture frames, clocks, candles, vases, and much more. The fixture adds a modern touch to bedrooms and provides extra storage.

You can declutter nightstands without getting rid of your favorite items. They’ll just have a new home above your head!

Remember to install the shelf far above your bed to avoid bumping your head.

Replacing the Entertainment Center

A long floating shelf can replace your entertainment center. The fixture frees up floor space and makes your room tidier. Be mindful of the shelf weight limit to ensure you don’t overload the space. The last thing you want is a fallen shelf or broken items!

Office Storage

Floating shelves add functionality and extra storage space to offices. Whether you use them to hold filing systems or clocks, they’re reliable elements in your space. They can also work as a statement piece holder and store special possessions like sculptures or plaques. Either way, floating shelves are beneficial additions to your office.

Laundry Room Storage

Creating laundry room storage is a great idea to transform your space with floating shelves. Add two floating shelves on the wall above the washer and dryer to upgrade functionality. Not only are the fixtures visually pleasing, but they also store all your laundry essentials. Keep detergent, fabric softener, and clean linens on the shelves. You can also add fun décor like laundry-theme signs or picture frames. This simple room upgrade makes laundry day easier!

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