Creative Ways To Display Cherished Keepsakes in Your Home

Take a trip down memory lane with unique displays for your favorite souvenirs. You’ll enhance your home’s interior design and reminisce on precious memories. For ideas, check out these creative ways to display cherished keepsakes in your home.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are excellent structures for keepsakes because they can flow in any room. Unlike traditional units, the shelves don’t take up floor space, and you won’t have to worry about someone knocking items over. Depending on the weight capacity of brackets and fasteners, you can hold light or heavy memorabilia. You can also choose a shelf that matches your interior design. For instance, a white oak floating shelf looks amazing in modern-style homes.

Glass-Top Coffee Table

Glass-top coffee tables are chic and great for storing keepsakes. Coffee tables with drawers underneath them let you store photos and 3D objects. You can also change the decor with ease. Maybe you display seasonal keepsakes, such as family trips to pumpkin patches or Christmas tree farms. Or perhaps you showcase special items, such as your baby’s first pair of shoes. Either way, you have lots of creative freedom.

Memory Tray

If you like the idea of spreading memories throughout your home, consider memory trays in different rooms. Create a theme for each tray and display your favorite memorabilia. For example, a travel tray can hold souvenirs, old boarding passes, and pictures from past trips. A school pride tray can showcase gear from your past schools. Feel free to create unique themes that complement your past experiences.

3D Frames

3D frames are another creative way to display cherished keepsakes in your home. The frames can hold pictures and small items like key chains, coins, and badges. You can also display clothes and accessories in the frames, too. Please keep in mind that 3D frames are thicker than traditional picture frames, so they will stick out on your wall. But they’re still wonderful pieces to integrate into your home.

Keepsake Garland

Keepsake garlands are wreaths with photos, paper, and cardboard items. They bring a sense of whimsey to your home, and you can create unique configurations. Do a mix of family and friend photos, travel postcards, or small paintings. You can showcase the decorative garland on interior doors, walls, or any place you see fit!

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