How Deep Should Your Floating Shelves Be? What To Know

Deciding on the perfect depth for floating shelves can be difficult because you want shelves that are stylish but also functional. Shelves that are too shallow can’t hold your items, and shelves that are too deep may take up unnecessary space. This post will help you determine how deep your floating shelves should be—here’s what you need to know.

Consider the Purpose of the Shelf

The first thing you should consider when choosing the depth of your floating shelf is its purpose. Are you using it to display small knickknacks, or do you want to store books or larger decorative items? A shallower shelf may be sufficient if you’re using it for smaller decorative items. However, if you’re using it as storage space, you’ll need a deeper shelf to accommodate your items.

Available Space

The amount of available space will play a significant role in determining how deep your floating shelves should be. If you have limited space, smaller shelves with a narrower depth may work better and maximize your space. But if you have plenty of wall space, you might want deeper shelves to create added storage and display space.

Size of the Wall

Wall size is another factor to consider. If the wall is too small, too large, or oddly shaped, it may limit the depth of your shelves. In most cases, a depth of 12 to 15 inches will work for the average wall space. For smaller walls, aim for shelves with a depth of around 6 inches, and for larger walls, you can choose shelves with depths of up to 24 inches.

Overall Design of Your Room

The final factor to consider when you’re choosing the depth of your floating shelves is the overall design of your room. Installing floating shelves is an excellent way to accentuate your room’s decor and highlight your sense of style. You may want to consider choosing shelves with a depth that matches your room’s overall aesthetic. For example, you can opt for rustic floating shelves with a depth of around 8 to 10 inches to add a natural element to your space.

Choosing the perfect depth for your floating shelves is about finding a balance between function and style. You can determine your needs by considering the purpose of your shelves, available space, wall size, and overall room design.

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