Ways To Create a Home Design That Reflects Your Personality

Your home is unique and special, like you! Showcase your personality and style with the right design elements. Discover the ways to create a home design that reflects your personality to revamp your space.

Determine Your Aesthetic

When you have a basic concept of your home, it’s easier to decorate with the appropriate furniture, fixtures, and appliances. Determine your aesthetic by evaluating different themes. For instance, industrial aesthetics incorporate metal fixtures, exposed brick, and distressed wood. But country-style homes have neutral colors, animal prints, and vintage decor.

Since your home showcases your personality, you don’t have to stick with one aesthetic. You can combine concepts to create a unique style.

Choose Decor Based on Your Interests

One of the best ways to create a home design that reflects your personality is to choose decor based on your interests. If you’re a music fan, hang a guitar on the wall and place a piano in the corner. Display framed movie posters in the living room if you’re a movie lover. There are ways to integrate hobbies and passions into interior design.

You can take subtle or extravagant approaches to decorating your living spaces. For instance, display small cinema memorabilia around your home to reflect the theme. It’s all about elevating your space with interesting elements.

Incorporate Unique Features

Showcase your personal style with unique features inside your home. Consider sourcing second-hand furniture, like vintage armchairs or tables, from consignment shops. You can also incorporate things from your childhood bedroom or old home decor.

Along with special furniture, add visually pleasing elements like maple wood floating shelves to the walls. The minimalist pieces are unobtrusive and provide a modern design to rooms. Display your favorite possessions on floating shelves to further reflect your personality.

Experiment With Various Textiles

Mix fabrics, textures, and weights to add personality to your rooms. Feature luxury fabrics like velvet and silk inside your bedroom, add chiffon curtains to the living room, or place embroidered pillows on couches and chairs. You can change textiles throughout the year to alter your style.

Create Focal Points in Each Room

A focal point is an architectural feature or piece of furniture that immediately draws your attention. Create a focal point in each room to show your lifestyle and decorate the room based on the specific feature. Maybe you start with an end table and decorate it with vases, baskets, or unique centerpieces. Enhance pieces to your liking and make focal points stand out.

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