Solid Poplar Floating Shelf



Looking for more sizes, LEDs, corner shelves, or other customizations?


Immerse yourself in the minimalist allure of our poplar floating shelves. Crafted from genuine poplar wood, these shelves combine both elegance and value. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary design or rustic charm, the naturally stunning grains and textures are guaranteed to captivate and elevate any living space.

Poplar is a fantastic wood for painting. We offer white floating shelves, black floating shelves, and custom painted shelves in our poplar wood.

The floating design means zero visible brackets, offering a clean and unobtrusive look. Ideal for small apartments or expansive homes, these shelves effectively declutter your environment. Use them in your living room for books, kitchen for dishes, or bedroom for cherished keepsakes.


Our products are meticulously crafted from genuine, high-quality solid wood sourced from American trees. Each piece of lumber was once part of a living tree that spent decades growing, uniquely for you. Our dedication to excellence means that we exclusively use solid wood, and avoid any veneer, particle board, plywood, vinyl, or laminate.



Our solid style features full-length boards, unbroken from one end to the other. Solid wood is the most highly valued due to the many years it takes a tree to mature, the limited yield of thick lumber each tree can provide, and the extensive drying process needed to stabilize the wood for crafting furniture.












heavy duty floating shelf brackets


We designed our brackets with oblong screw holes to allow for precise side-to-side adjustments after installation. Fitting into tight spaces and butting up to walls or cabinets has never been easier.


All of our brackets are designed to be mounted into studs. Not only does it look great when shelves don’t sag, it is also nice to have the peace of mind that they are always capable of holding their maximum weight.


With all oblong screw holes only 1 inch apart, there are unlimited stud-mount possibilities. Our floating shelves hold up strong anywhere you place them.

stud mount floating shelf bracket


To ensure a level mount every time, our bracket rods have a 1 degree up-tilt that counterbalances any flex from weight on the shelves.

hidden shelf bracket


We route a pocket in the back of our shelves for the brackets to nest inside, making them countersunk, invisible, and representing the true floating shelf appearance.

floating shelf hardware


We include 9 gauge T-25 stud screws with a zip-tip so no pilot hole is needed. Incase one end falls just short of a stud, we also include a Snap-Toggle anchor with each bracket.


We love building real solid wood products that connect people to nature and breathe life into spaces. Our refined creation process brings out the unique beauty of each individual piece. You will be surprised by the quality and delighted by the price.


  • Made in USA
  • Kiln-dried furniture grade wood
  • State of the art processes and equipment
  • Durable spray lacquer finishing system
  • Perfectly designed brackets made in-house


  • Pre-made wood stock ready for finishing
  • Custom machinery built for process efficiency
  • Focused production lines set up for singular tasks
  • Cross-trained team proficient in all departments
  • Product conveyor system to cut handling


  • Lean manufacturing philosophy
  • Locally and competitively sourced materials
  • Products batch-made for maximum efficiency
  • Automation of small repetitive tasks
  • Slim profit margin and direct to customer sales


High quality, beautiful wood shelves. I had a contractor install them, but he said they were easy and made of good material. I searched for weeks for shelves on Etsy, West Elm, etc and these were the best value by far. I wanted the white oak, but they were a little out of my price range so I went with the maple and am so happy with it.


Seattle, WA

Very pleased with the shelves. The package was packaged very well. Arrived 4 days sooner than expected! Couldn’t find instructions but didn’t need them after all. Was confused about the extra hardware. But Found a video on you tube and wife and I got them up in less than an hour! Shipping was free! Thanks Solidwood Interiors, we love your shelves!

Stockton 209

United States

Great quality shelves made in the USA. The mounting brackets are solid and have lots of holes to allow for very flexible mounting to studs. I had to drill through tile (tile drill bit) and got some bigger screws. The shelves in the pic are natural maple. Very true and couldn’t be happier. Will be ordering more.

frequent user

United States

I had been viewing these shelves for about a year. I wanted a floating shelf that I could hang stemware on, so I emailed Solidwood Interiors. Between pictures and measurements I had taken, their guys got the job done. It arrived just in time for my husbands birthday and it is absolutely beautiful. It is nice to support a family business with high quality craftsmanship in the USA.


United States





Find and mark on the wall where the center of the shelf will be, also mark a level line for the bracket.


Locate and mark the studs across the level line where the floating bracket will be mounted.


Hold floating bracket up and drive provided screws through holes into marked studs, then slide the shelf on.


Caring for a wooden floating shelf is straightforward and hassle-free. To maintain its beauty and durability, simply give it a quick wipe down with a damp cloth or a specialized wood cleaner as needed. Regular cleaning ensures that dust, debris, or any potential stains don’t settle and tarnish its appearance. Ensure the cloth is not overly wet to prevent any water damage to the wood. For the best results, choose a cleaner that’s formulated for wood finishes.


Our floating shelves are designed with various thickness options and corresponding bracket series to deliver the right look while safely storing and display your items. The weight limit of our floating shelves depends on the series of the bracket included with each shelf thickness option:

  • For a shelf with a thickness of 1.38″ using the 150 series bracket, the weight limit is 25 pounds per stud.
  • With a 1.63″ thick shelf paired with the 250 series bracket, the shelf can safely hold up to 50 pounds per stud.
  • The 350 series bracket combined with a 1.75″ thick shelf can support 75 pounds per stud.
  • Lastly, the most robust combination, the 450 series bracket with a 2.25″ thick shelf, has a weight limit of 100 pounds per stud.

It’s essential to choose the right combination based on the items you plan to display, ensuring the safety and longevity of both the shelf and the displayed items.


The pricing for our poplar floating shelves varies based on its size and thickness. The smallest size available, which measures 1.5″ in thickness, 12″ in length, and 6″ in depth, is priced at $85. On the other hand, the largest shelf, which boasts dimensions of 2.25″ in thickness, 96″ in length, and 16″ in depth, comes at a cost of $850. These shelves are not only functional but also serve as a stylish addition to any space, making them a worthy investment for those looking to enhance their interiors with high-quality wooden accents.


Every piece of real wood possesses distinct characteristics that contribute to its unique quality. As fine solid wood furnishings are our passion at Solidwood Interiors, we embrace these characteristics like wood color variance, alternating grain patterns, natural streaks in wood, wormholes, and sound knots which do not affect the integrity of the wood, but rather add to the authenticity and individuality of the final result.

Each tree, and every piece of wood from that tree, exhibits its own distinct set of variations. These differences lend themselves to the formation of rich textures and patterns, a testament to the raw beauty and authenticity inherent in solid wood. This intrinsic charm and character is what distinguishes solid wood from veneer, laminate, and engineered wood alternatives, giving it an unparalleled appeal of quality.

When possible we use single wood boards if the product size allows. In cases where we are limited by the size of the available wood, we will join boards together to create the full sized product. Joining different boards, from different trees and parts of trees, can result in color and grain variance within a finished product, similar to the common look of wooden tabletops and flooring.


We have designed our manufacturing system and pre-built stock limits to meet the goal of delivering high end custom wood products to our customers within a matter of days. Depending on the number of building and finishing processes required, our typical production time ranges from 2 to 10 business days. Shipping times depend on shipping service and location, free ground shipping is usually 2 to 5 business days within the US.

In most cases, customers can expect to receive their products around 5 to 10 business days, or 1 to 2 weeks, of placing their order.

Even though our lead times are very fast for custom level quality, we understand that we live in a world of instant gratification, so just know, some things are still worth the wait.


Due to the thousands of variations, and custom made order classification, we do not accept returns for our wood product lines.

It is the responsibility of the customer for due diligence in choosing their products, materials, sizes, and color options to fit their vision for each order.

It is our pleasure to educate customers about our products, materials, sizes, and color options; as well as make color samples available, in an effort to equip customers with the information they need to make their ideal choices.

In the case of a manufacturing quality issue, damage due to shipping and handling, or a faulty part in a delivered product, we take responsibility to fix the issue either with compensation for repair, or by rebuilding and replacing the product.

We accept returns for our metal bracket product lines.

For metal bracket products returned on buyer’s remorse, we require a 15% restocking fee to keep our prices low and cover costs of return shipping, refurbishing, and repackaging the items.

In the case of a manufacturing quality issue, damage due to shipping and handling, or a faulty part in a delivered product, we take responsibility to fix the issue either with compensation for repair, or by rebuilding and replacing the product.

To initiate a return, please email us at [email protected]. Kindly include your order number in the email with a short description of the issue, and we will reply promptly to address the next steps.

When a product is returned for a refund, we will receive, inspect, and apply the appropriate refund within 5 business days of the product delivery back to us.